Less is Always More

Wave goodbye to your modesty! It is time to get comfortable with your body because this season is all about dresses with cutouts. When this style first appeared, it was only on adventurous and slightly scandalous (for a conservative dresser like myself) websites like nastygal.com. In an age where everything is super sexually charged from advertisements, to television shows, it seems only natural that designers would need to make that next step to make dresses edgier to match the culture. These dresses definitely won that shock value and they are catching on like wildfire.

There are definitely ways to incorporate cutouts into your outfit if you aren’t so sure about feeling the breeze on parts of your body that are normally covered. Or maybe you would like to leave a little to the imagination– but that doesn’t mean you cannot embrace this style as well! I was perusing some of the runway cutouts on Elle.com and I found that while another feature some sparsely clad models, others intricately use the cutouts to add interest without revealing an excess of skin. Depending on where and how big the cut outs are they can be the perfect amount of saucy and sophisticated. Check them out here. I think you’ll find that you non-cutout-believers will be just as obsessed with this trend as I am. I personally cannot get enough of all of them but I really like the dress featured by Sass & Bide– definitely a favorite.

So, now I am on the hunt for a cutout dress of my own.  I have yet to find one (in my price range… unfortunately runway couture isn’t an option) that I want to invest in but I am on the prowl and you’ll be the first to know when I find the one.


White Before Memorial Day- Do or a Don’t?

For as long as I can remember, people have told me “Don’t wear white before Memorial Day” and I have listened. But is it really still the fashion faux pas that it used to be? Two years ago (winter 2010-2011) I bought a pair of winter white jeans at the Gap in Soho. Winter white for those of you who are wondering looks an awful lot like a summer white except it is not as bright. This makes your pants look more subdued to match better with other winter colors (think black,grey, tan).


Here I was this past weekend in my Gap white jeans. I matched them with a cashmere sweater from J.Crew and Jack Rogers sandals.

Personally, I love these pants in the spring with a jean shirt or a go-to weekend sweater. But still, every time I put them on, a small part of me wonders if I am committing a major fashion blunder? Will the fashion gods look down on me in despair? …Hopefully not.

So I did some research because I feel like I keep seeing girls walk around campus in their white pants.  And it seems that my old pair of jeans are actually a new trend! Check out this video on Today.com featuring Lloyd Boston. He says that some whites are okay before Memorial Day but the trick is in how you do it… The biggest thing to keep in mind is the fabric. Make sure it is seasonally appropriate. This means no linen–but it also means, white cords, heavier fabrics, and knits are good to go!

Back to Basics: Black and White

When I think of spring colors, I think of pastels (think Easter bunny), neons, and floral prints, but this spring season designers are pushing the black and and white color scheme. Style watchers like Glamour.com  and Saks Fifth Avenue Trendcaster have written about this trend. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a fair share of pastel and neon pants, tops and the like, but this year they are side by side with black and white motifs.

92910_WE9470_m             35389_KE7098_m

I love these shorts from Madewell            Throw on this dress from J.Crew for Sunday brunch

Here are the top 3 reasons why black and white are awesome colors for spring!

1) You can wear them year-round– just as long as they are an appropriate weight for the weather.

2) You do not have to break the bank to look awesome. This look is easy to pull off at every price point.

3) They are totally versatile– Look sophisticated and stylish in class, at the office or out with friends.

Buckets of fun!

Are you tired of having to taking everything out of your tiny clutch, just so you can reach that Chap Stick on the bottom? Sick of struggling to zip your little cross body even though they promised you it would fit all the essentials? Me too and this weekend I found the solution .

Let me introduce you to my friend, the bucket bag. These bags are awesome because they hold a ton! Your room keys, car keys, wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, gum, iPhone, candy snack for later easily fit into this roomy alternative. Cute clutches and slinky wristlets are great, but sometimes you just really need to be able to tote you life around with you. At this point you may be thinking… Wait a minute… this sounds suspiciously similar to a bucket hat, which has been uncool since … well I am not sure they were ever cool. (Unless worn on an adorable baby!) But stay with me now- while a bucket bag may sound the opposite of glamorous, many top designers are coming out with stylish ones that have awesome colors, designs and features. The Spring Edit editorial from Saks Fifth Avenue highlights bucket bags as a top trend for spring! Check out some of my favorites below from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Tory Burch!


You can find this awesome Prada bag here!


Or maybe you are more interested in a statement color like this Dolce & Gabbana. Find it here!


Here is a great beach options from Tory Burch. Buy it on their website!


And for a more affordable option– Check out the J.Crew Brompton Bucket. Too bad their already sold out but maybe if we ask nicely they will make more!

It’s Crop Top Season!

Crop tops with high-waisted skirts/shorts/pants are all over the runways this spring and since it is finally April, we can start to wear them too! While celebrities have been testing out different styles of crop tops since mid-winter, now we can finally join in on the fun!  Personally, I just cannot get enough of this style. This look is awesome because you can dress it down to have a beachy summer vibe or you can dress it up to make it look dressy and sophisticated.


Alexander Wang


Miu Miu


Free People

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why I — and you should –love crop tops with high-waisted bottoms!

1) The crop top-high waist combo exposes less of the midriff area! Instead of having your whole stomach out which will reveal either your awesome abs …or lack there of, this combo only shows your ribcage area. This is awesome because it allows you to sit down, eat and run around without worrying about how tight your stomach looks.

2) It accents your waist, which is often a woman’s favorite part of her body!

3) They look cute in person but they also photograph well!

4) You can dress them up or down depending on the event!

5) They come in awesome spring colors and patterns!

Color Infused Lace is Making a Statement!

This spring color infused lace is taking on the runway! Fashion designers like Nanette Lepore, Stella McCartney and Valentino are taking a creative spin on a classic style. While often elegant, innocent and understated in white, infusing lace with dynamic colors gives the material personality and flare.These spunky new hues of lace are taking charge of the spring!0414044071610_ASTL_247x329

This color is great for spring! You can find this Nanette Lepore dress while it lasts here.


 You can find this awesome Alice and Olivia Dress at shopbop.com

Fashion experts at Saks Fifth Avenue Trendcaster are calling these colorful laces a way to “infuse innocent lace with a new character”. As far as it goes, the consumer’s of the world are embracing this style. Myself included–Check out my post about this season’s “it” color to see my recent colorful lace purchase!

High Heels And Sneakers—Meet the Child of Two Once Very Different Shoes!

Recent trends in fashion have led to the creation of a wedge sneaker. The trend hit last year when designers like See by Chloe and Marc Jacobs started to sell them. While they are slightly impractical for any kind of activity that normally requires a sneaker, celebrities like Jessica Alba and Alicia Keys were spotted sporting the style. And Beyonce gave them her stamp of approval when she rocked them in her Love on Top video and soon fashionistas everywhere were wearing them.


Photo from essence.com

From skinny jeans to sweatpants, these shoes are pretty versatile…


Covet these sneaks? Find them here!


Want these sneakers? Seems like everyone else loves them too.They are already sold out on shopbop.com

But not everyone was as enthusiastic about these sneakers! Today polled their viewers to find out what people thought about this new style and not everyone was so positive. One fan tweeted “Wedge sneakers have to be the ugliest thing to step foot on this planet”. And another questions the point of wearing them “I don’t get the point of wedge sneakers. If no one can see you wearing heels, why not just wear Converse and save the hurting?” hmmm…good point.

 What do you think? Do high top sneakers fill a previous void in the world of shoes? Or are they just too trendy?

From Grey Outside to “Grayed Jade”? Find Out More About What Makes This Spring’s Trending Color So Awesome!

Even though it’s still cold and grey outside, spring is just around the corner! (Thank goodness!!) Every spring, designers decide on the season’s top colors. I personally am very excited about this season’s colors. But of those trending colors, there always seems to be one that is the “hot” color. That color dominates the women’s fashion—even more than the rest —for the season. Inexplicably, most all shoppers are attracted to (and buy) this color. (The psychology major in me wonders why it is that everyone is drawn to the same color-despite individual color preferences- during the same year?). Not surprisingly, designers in the fashion world pick color palettes that fit the characteristics and feeling of the season. However, it fascinates me that everyone seems to love the same one!

This past weekend, I took a trip to Anthropologie and absolutely fell in love with a lace peplum top. Much to my surprise, I kept seeing this color in all the other stores I went in! I—like everyone else—must have fallen for this spring’s trending color! What are the chances?


According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, this color, which she refers to, as “grayed jade” is one of the top colors for Spring/Summer 2013. Eisemen explains that is color is so great because it can be worn as a “novel neutral”. The undertones of grey mixed with the green make this color easy to match with most everything (Yes!). The added grey keeps the color subdued and thus stops it from dominating your outfit. But the unique hue of this color will add spice to your usual (boring) neutral wardrobe just in time for those sunny May days.

But finally, what I love about this color for spring is the calming sensation of the color! Eisemen explains that green tones have a relaxing and soothing effect on people. Maybe I am just stressed out finishing up those last college classes, but that sounds like the perfect thing! Trend on “grayed jade”!

Ugg for Ugly?

Since we are still in the throws of winter, the weather outside has been less than perfect. While we have managed to avoid the snow, the temperatures have been stuck in the 20s and 30s. So i thought this week would be an excellent time to talk about a brand of boots that are perfect for this kind of weather! Ugg Boots


When Uggs first came out, they dominated the spotlight… for better and for worse. Uggs were originally developed for surfers to keep their feet warm after surfing at the beach. Soon these boots changed geographic targets and became a winter must have. They caught on like wildfire and people all around the world wanted to try a pair of these boots that looked dangerously like slippers.

Yet there was much criticism against Ugg Boots as soon as they emerged. Critics defamed them as ugly and unattractive. Consumers even created Facbook pages to proclaim how ugly the boots are. Yet despite the bombardment, Ugg boots continued to sell more boots nationwide and expand into other products. Now Ugg makes everything from their traditional boots to sandals and gloves

Personally, I think Ugg boots are great. They occupy a tremendous vacuum in the marketplace that would otherwise be void. And they have gotten more attractive over the years- which is always a plus! The classic boots were plain and came in a variety of neutral colors. Today, Ugg boots come with buttons, tasstles, embroidering, zippers and more. They have even explored other colors to expand their market penetration.


I think Ugg boots got a lot of flack because people thought they were trying to be something they were not. They are not going to replace or even rival Chanel or any other designer brands. But growing up in New England I cannot imagine surviving the winter season without them! They  are perfect for cold winter days when the snow is falling and all you want to do is stay warm. They are not super stylish, but what snow boot really is? You have to acknoldge that when you put them on. Say it with me- “This boot is not going to make me a fashionista but … oh man, are they comfy!”

They are not meant to make your feet look dainty or elegant. They are meant to keep you warm and they do a pretty good job at that– just don’t try to wear them on a date!

Crazy about Patterns?

Style experts are always telling you its okay- no, fashionable- to mix and match multiple prints together.
But, is it really? For some reason, I just don’t agree. I’ll try out on an outfit. I’ll try to follow the expert’s suggestions: neutral pattern with a bold pattern or keeping the prints in the same color scheme, but it just doesn’t come out right. Why does everyone consider mixing patterns the sign of style? Because I like to think that although I have this aversion to mixing prints that I am still stylish. When I mix patterns I feel as if I’m dressed for the runway– or maybe a circus– not for class, a date, or dinner with friends.
Maybe if you are a professional and understand the subtleties of matching patterns then it will come out right, but for the average American trying her best to look amazing, I think this statement is misleading. Most times, the prints are overpowering each other and it’s overwhelming for the eye. And frankly most people (myself included) just don’t know which prints compliment each other well. These alleged tips are great but they aren’t foolproof. Not every red palette plaid looks good with a red polka dot even though they are in the same color scheme. It’s the truth!
This spring, top fashion retailers are suggesting that their customers wear head-to-toe prints. Women’s Apparel Buyer, Rebecca Weisberg is quoted saying “Head-to-toe Prints are the new suit. A simple silhouette keeps the look playful and pulled together”.
While stylists may think this is the best trend for the spring. it seems more like the retailers are struggling with the recent economic times and trying to encourage more buying. Now, instead of buying the trendy pants, consumers will be hassled to buy the trendy top to match. Frankly, I just do not see how these outfits could be comparable to a suit. If you are covered in a pattern you definitely look playful but it doesn’t say professional. They want you to believe that you look stylish and sophisticated but I think it’s a overboard.
Patterns and prints. Mix them. Match them. Wear them all over or one at a time. Either way, prints are here to stay and unfortunately so are catastrophic print mixes! I don’t care if the red color palate matches, I just don’t think red plaid matches with polka dots and you’ll be hard pressed to convince me otherwise.